Build the Shuttle began as a game jam entry for the Weekly Game Jam (theme: space ships). 


Use keyboard arrows to learn about how the NASA Space Shuttle is assembled for blast off!


Controls: Arrows and a couple of buttons.


All art assets and game design done by myself: Brian Heagney. (I am SO sorry I didn't get to do any audio!)


This game jam came onto my radar while I was thinking about creating Google-Doodle-styled games for non-profits. Therefore, my goal for this particular game jam was to try to create an educational interactive doodle.

I spent MOST of my first day researching the NASA space shuttle. I was going to do a game about performing a check list where the player had to check the shuttle and if they missed anything then the launch would fail. However, after reading through NASA checklists...I was thoroughly confused.

Luckly I happened across a cool little informational website about how the different components travel across the country over to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Unfortunately I didn't do everything I wanted, but whatevs. I hope you like.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for playing!


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I'm glad you're doing educational games, but to be honest this wasn't very fun to play, because there are no real player choices.

Yeah, I had originally wanted to include some type of strategy, point system, etc. My original idea was to have the player do a check-list, and if the player didn't do the check properly, that the rocket wouldn't lift off and you would see a little blurb about "why" the rocket didn't lift off.

BUT, after researching NASA checklists, I couldn't even understand them, time was running out, and I came upon a little page that talked about where the three shuttle parts came from. If you can think of a way to gamify the map part I'd love to hear suggestions. I'm personally not terribly concerned about the "game" aspect - I tried to model this off of the interactive Google Doodles. Some are games, yes, but some are just interactive in a toy way. Really, I would rather turn this into a toy, where the user can play around with the rocket idea, rather than introducing a game aspect to it.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!